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Hunting, Fishing, Sport Shooting

There are no German fishing certification courses available in USAG Stuttgart at this time.



Program Overview 


There are many opportunities for U.S. Forces personnel to hunt, fish, and enjoy sport shooting in Germany. Contact Outdoor Recreation for further details.

Hunters may seek game including Red Deer (Rotwild), Roe Deer (Rehwild), Fallow Deer (Damwild), Wild Boar (Schwarzwild) and Chamois (Gamswild). Fishers will find several varieties of trout (Bachforelle, Regenbogenforelle, Bachsaibling, and Seesaibling), catfish (Waller or Wels) and pike (Hecht) along with many other fish in the waters of Germany and other European countries.

The German government permits the U.S. Forces in Europe to conduct courses that allow U.S. Forces personnel to qualify for a foreigner's hunting license, fishing license, and/or recreational sport shooting certification in Germany. Volunteer U.S. Forces personnel instruct courses in English at IMCOM-Europe garrisons and U.S. Air Forces Europe bases. Refer to Class listings or call Outdoor Recreation at your local garrison or Air Force base for detailed information.

The main emphasis of our training in hunting, fishing, and sport shooting courses is to learn German laws and traditions that are a bit more thorough when compared with licensing requirements in the states. However, the training in safety, game identification and overall procedures provides hunters, fishers, and sport shooters with knowledge and abilities to become more well-rounded in their outdoor experiences.

After gaining certification, U.S. Forces personnel may obtain German hunting/fishing licenses and join in hunting and fishing traditions that go back several hundred years, as well as becoming eligible for our hunting and fishing instructor program. U.S. Forces sport shooting certification enables U.S. Forces personnel to buy and possess firearms that they may use for enjoying training and competition throughout their assignment in Germany.

More information on the Hunting, Fishing and Sport Shooting program through the Army Europe Region 215-145 and U.S. Air Forces Europe Instruction 34-104, dated November 14, 2017.




The most recent update of content within this site - September 13, 2018: Uploaded revised AE Form 190-6 within documents and forms section.  


Traditional seasons for hunting courses are in Spring and Fall.

U.S. Forces hunting courses from 2014 thru 2018 sustained high levels of participation as over 100 "young hunters" (Jungjägers) successfully completed the course each year. 

Please contact the outdoor recreation program at your nearest Army garrison or Air Force base for info on their upcoming courses and events.


USAG Ansbach 

Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Fred Lane - Katterbach Kaserne Bldg 5807

DSN: (314) 467-3225  
Commercial: +49 (0)9802-83-3225

USAG Bavaria

Grafenwöhr / Tower Barracks: Wild B.O.A.R. Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Hans Hathaway - Tower Barracks, Bldg. RC 600, room 14 (Wild B.O.A.R. Complex at Dickhäuter Lake)

DSN: (314)475-8524
Commercial: +49 (0)9641-83-8524

- - - - -

Hohenfels Military Community: Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Joshua Moore

DSN: (314)466-2060
Commercial: +49 (0)9472-83-2060


USAG Rheinland-Pfalz / See Ramstein (below)

Baumholder Military Community Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Brandt Gardner - Smith Bks Bldg 8167

DSN: (314) 485-7182
Commercial: +49 (0)6783-6-7182

- - - - -

Kaiserslautern Military Community Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Marcos Yracheta, Pulaski Bks Bldg 2905

DSN: (314) 493-4115
Commercial: +49 (0)6313-406-4115


Ramstein Air Base

86th Force Support Squadron Kaiserslautern Rod & Gun Club

Mr. Josh Hammers - Pulaski / Vogelweh Installation Bldg 2960

DSN: (314) 489-7274
Commercial: +49 (0)631-536-7274


Spangdahlem Air Base

52nd Force Support Squadron Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Mike Kirsch - Bldg 146

DSN: (314) 452-7170
Commercial: +49 (0)6565-61-7170


USAG Stuttgart

Outdoor Recreation

Mr. Ernest Johnson - Kelley Barracks, Bldg. 3320

DSN: (314) 421-4291
Commercial: +49 (0)711-729-4291


USAG Wiesbaden

Outdoor Recreation

Albert Klaver Jr. - Clay Kaserne Bldg 1043

DSN: (314) 548-9803
Commercial: +49 (0)611-143-548-9803

Hunting Instructional Material

The following links provide individual sections for the U.S. Forces Guide to Hunting in Germany. Each section is limited in size to ensure quick download speed.















































Efforts are underway to provide english-language explanations for terms within the "Hunter Dialect" (Jägersprache) file, as soon as possible. However, many of the terms in the "Hunter Dialect" file are translated in the German-English and English-German dictionary.

Hunting Opportunities

Hunting in Germany requires a German hunting license, obtainable via instruction and certification at each of the sites within the hunting courses list (above).

Many opportunities exist, ranging from drive hunts, to individual capital-game hunts, and full-season committments in private or public hunting reviers.

For each hunting year in Germany, the window for requesting a booked hunt is open during the month of February.  Locations for booked hunts vary between federal, state, and local forests within Germany.  Occasionally booked hunts are arranged with private Reviers.

In addition to booked hunts, garrison programs at Ansbach, Baumholder, Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels, Stuttgart, and Wiesbaden have information for local and nearby hunting opportunities.  In addition, the Kaiserslautern Rod & Gun Club (operated by the USAFE 86th Force Support Squadron) and Spangdahlem Air Base Outdoor Recreation have information for local opportunities.

Please refer to the hunting course list (above) for contact info at each major installation.

Fishing Instructional Materials















































Fishing Opportunities

Similar to hunting, garrison programs at Ansbach, Baumholder, Grafenwoehr, Hohenfels, Kaiserslautern, Stuttgart, and Wiesbaden have nearby opportunities for fishing.

Fishing in Germany requires a German fishing license, obtainable via instruction and certification at each of the sites listed above.

Many opportunities exist, ranging from local ponds and streams, to overnight excursions with deep-sea fishing in the North Sea!

Please refer to the hunting course list (above) for contact info at each major installation.

Sport Shooting Courses

Aside from participating on a regular basis, either in training or in competitions, sport shooting certification in Germany requires individuals to complete a basic knowledge course.  The course is normally conducted on a Saturday and Sunday, and it features instruction, hands-on practical work, and a written test.  After completing the course and documenting regular (average 1.5 activities per month) participation, individuals may proceed with firearms ownership, registration, and possession.

Please refer to the hunting course list (above) and contact local installations for their upcoming courses and events.

Sport Shooting Instructional Materials


U.S. Forces Sport Shooting Handbook - February 2014

U.S. Forces personnel may review and download these files for home study and classroom use:


















Instructional Material - Basic Knowledge Training

The following 4 files will be used for basic knowledge training.

U.S. Forces personnel may review and download these files for home study and classroom use:

Basic Knowledge Day 1 Part 1 V5R 2015-12-08.pdf 

Basic Knowledge Day 1 Part 2 V6R 2015-12-08.pdf

Basic Knowledge Day 2 Part 1 V5R 2015-12-08.pdf

Basic Knowledge Day 2 Part 2 V6R 2015-12-08.pdf


Instructional Material - Recreational Range Master (Schützenmeister) Training

The following 2 files will be used for Recreational Range Master (Schützenmeister) training.

U.S. Forces personnel may review and download these files for home study and classroom use:






Sport Shooting Events & Competitions


Installation-level Recreational Sport Shooting

Many opportunities exist, ranging from installation-level and friendship competitions with host-nation clubs, to international competitions within Germany and elsewhere in Europe. 

Please refer to the hunting course list (above) and contact local installations for their upcoming courses and event.

DJV (Deutsche Jagdschütz Verband)

Specific to hunters, the Deutsche Jagdschütz Verband (German Hunting Association) conducts marksmanship events that lead to the annual German National Championship. Organizers of the qualifying events have always welcomed U.S. Forces hunters who have already earned their Jagdschein (German Hunting License).

Contact local installations for local affiliations and schedules for DJV events.

Program Oversight

U.S. Forces Executive Agent / U.S. Army IMCOM Europe Region G9

Mr. Rafael Wunsch, DSN 544-9888 / Civ +49 (0)6111435449888

Documents and Publications

The following file list provides current forms used by hunters, fishers, and sport shooters.

Please contact the program oversight representatives for needed updates and/or additions to this list.

Multi-Service Regulations:

AER_215-145_USAFE-I_34-104_R_2017-11-14.pdf Army Europe Regulation 215-145 & USAFE/USAFAF Instruction 34-104: Hunting, Fishing, and Sport Shooting in Germany, November 14, 2017

AER_190-6_2013-11-08.pdf Army Europe Regulation 190-6 / Navy Europe Instruction 5300.15R / USAFE Instruction 31-205; Registration and Control of Privately Owned Firearms and Other Weapons in Germany, November 8, 2013

AE Forms:

AE_Form_215-145A_2017-03.pdf Application for Issuance/Renewal of a German Hunting License

AE_Form_215-145B_2017-03.pdf Application for German Fishing License

U.S. Department of Justice ATF Forms:

ATF_Form_6_2011-08.pdf Application and Permit for Importing Firearms to the United States

German Government Forms:

Verbringungserlaubnis.pdf Application for Importing Firearms into Germany

ErlaubnisVerbringen_ausBRD_31_1.pdf Application to transport from Germany elsewhere in Europe

USAREUR Registry Forms:

AEF190-6D_2018-09 U.S. Forces Application for Registration of a Firearm

AEF190-6D Part A 2015-11.pdf Application to Conduct FBI National Instant Background Check

AEF190-6D_Part_B_2013-02.pdf Application for Issuance of a Permit Puruant to the Weapons Law

AEF190-6G_2013-02.pdf Weapons Bill of Sale

AEF190-6Ha_2013-02.pdf Commander's Statement of Reliability - Military & Civilian Applicants

AEF190-6Hb_2013-02.pdf Commander's Statment of Reliability - Family Member Applicants

AEF190-6J_2013-02.pdf Request for Cancellation of Privately Owned Firearm

AEF190-6L_Print_2015-09-09.pdf Sport Shooting Certificate of Need

AEF190-6M_2013-02.pdf Application for a European Weapons Permit

AEF190-6N_2013-02.pdf Application for Issuance of a Small Weapons Permit (Gas/Blank Firearms)

Other Forms:

Capital Game Request Form 2018-09 Application for hunting capital game

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where am I able to hunt, fish, and sport shoot?

  • You are able to hunt, fish, and sport shoot throughout Europe with the proper licenses.
  • We have a stream that we lease making it easier for ID card holders and their guests to use as long as they have a license.
  • We also are in charge of the hunting in the LTA, which gives hunters the opportunity to get out of the office and do some hunting.
  • There are multiple ranges on the economy for you to go to, where you can rent and purchase ammo to shoot on the range.

2. What are the going rates for hunting, fishing, and sport shooting?

  • Hunting: Course costs $220, membership costs $15, $30, $45, and $99 (based on years), ammo costs, and range fees. Upon completion, license costs (215 Euros for 3 years) and Insurance (70 Euros for 3 years). 
  • Fishing: Course costs $60, membership costs $15, $30, $45, and $99 (based on years), Upon completion,  license costs (120 Euros for 10 years), stream participation fee $50, Day Permit $10.
  • Sport Shooting: Course cost $60, membership costs $15, $30, $45, and $99 (based on years).
  • The hunting course is the only one for Stuttgart that carries a certification/proctors fee.
  •  Depending on the amount of proctors needed, we pay 150 Euros per person.

*Prices are subject to change.

3. Is there a restriction on the types of animals that can be hunted or fish that can be caught?

  • There are restrictions on both hunting and fishing that limits what, when and where you can hunt and fish. You have to abide by State and Federal German Laws that you learn while taking the course.

4. How do I acquire a license for hunting/fishing/sport shooting?

  • The hunting course can take a minimum of 2 months and up to 3 months to complete.
  • The fishing course is given in 3 evening classes and 1 Saturday class for the written and practical test.
  • The sport shooting course is given on a Saturday and Sunday by an IMCOM Representative.
  • Each hunting/fishing/sport shooting course may only be given twice a year based on SOFA regulations.

5. What courses are offered?

  • All three courses (hunting, fishing, and sport shooting) are offered based on demand.  Add yourself to the list now, and once enough demand exists, the next class will be scheduled.

6. Can I rent fishing poles and other equipment?

  • We don’t currently have fishing equipment for rent, since it is hard to maintain after each use.
  • We do rent out hunting rifles to those with valid hunting license.

7. How can I register for a class to obtain a certificate or license?

  • You can come in at any time and be put on our interest list, so that we can contact you before our next class.
  • Once we advertise the next course, you can either register via email or visit the Outdoor Recreation Center.
  • For both the fishing and sport shooting course we have to have a minimum number of participants to petition to conduct a class.
  • Hunting courses usually start at the end of February and August.

8. When do the hunting/fishing seasons start/end?

  • The hunting season officially starts on Apr.1 and ends on Mar. 31. The great thing about hunting in Europe is that there is always something in season.
  • Fishing seasons vary depending on where and what you are fishing.

9. Is there a sport shooting range on post? If so, who can use it?

  • We do not have a range on post. All training must be completed on local ranges on the economy.

10. How old do I have to be to take the Hunting and/or Fishing course and/or Paintball Field?

  • Fishing course: Minimum age is 10 years.  An adolescent with a youth license is authorized to fish, if accompanied by an adult fishing license holder.  In this scenario an examination is not required.  If the adolescent (10-15 years) passed a fishing course, an adult fishing license is issued.  A 16 year old must attend a fishing course and apply for an adult license.
  • Hunting course: Course participants must be members of the U.S. Forces HFSS program and must be at least 18 years old on the day they test for certification.
  • Paintball: All ID card holder must be at least 16 years of age to participate.

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Basic Survival Course - Level 1

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Outdoor Rec Cycling Challenge - You think you can ride 1000km to earn a cycling jersey? Challenge yourself and find out! Registration at your ODR Center begins in April, challenge runs from May 1 - August 31.


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