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Youth Sports and Fitness

Sports and Fitness Programs provide team sports, individual sports, fitness and health programs and, programming at Child Development Centers, School Age and Youth Programs. Pre-registration is required for Sports and Fitness Programs. Children and youth that are currently registered in CYS can be enrolled in Sports and Fitness using WebTrac.

The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) has a website for evaluation of coaches. Parents have the opportunity to evaluate coaches on the NAYS website. Parents must have the coach member number to rate their coach. You can get this number from the CYS Sports and Fitness office. 

Sports Physical

A sports-specific physical must be completed annually, prior to the start of the sports season. The form must be completed with a doctor’s signature and stamp, then submitted to Parent Central Services during registration. Hint: The best time to get your child’s physical — if possible — is in July. This way, your child’s physical will be valid for all sports for one full year.

Sports' Physical

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sports are offered?

CYS Youth Sports and Fitness offers a variety of team and individual sports, as well as camps, clinics, and various training opportunities throughout the course of the year. Sports are offered seasonally.  

2. Where can I find individual sports information? E.g. gymnastics, dance, karate, etc.

Gymnastics, dance, and karate are all part of the CYS SKIES program.  Individual sports offered by CYS Youth Sports and Fitness include, but are not limited to the following: tennis, golf, and bowling. This information can be found by contacting the Youth Sports office, visiting CYS online, visiting the CYS Facebook page, and by contacting or visiting the Parent Central Services office.

3. Where can I find information about current sports offered?

This information can be found by contacting the Youth Sports office, visiting CYS online at USAG Stuttgart’s Family and MWR webpage, visiting the CYS Facebook page, and by contacting or visiting the Parent Central Services office.

4. How do I sign my child up for a sport?

Initial (or pre) registration is required.  This may be completed with the Parent Central Services office located on Patch Barracks in Building 2347. You may register your child for sports by visiting the Parent Central Services office or online via MWR Online or WebTrac.

5. What ages are eligible?

Youth Sports and Fitness offers a variety of programs for children and youth ages 3-18 years. We offer developmentally appropriate opportunities for children and youth to be engaged in individual and team sports, competitions, skill building clinics, and nutrition and health classes that foster development of life-long healthy habits. Sports programs are provided by trained CYS employees and volunteer coaches in a variety of settings including Youth Centers, Family and MWR facilities, schools, and community fields and facilities.

6. Where can I get a PDF copy of the sports physical online?

Visit the Youth Sports and Fitness page on the USAG Stuttgart Family and MWR page. From here, select the CYS tab, and then the Youth Sports and Fitness link to obtain the Health Assessment/Sports Physical Form.

7. How early must my child have a physical on file before participating in a sport?

A current Health Assessment/Sports Physical, within one year of registration, is required for children sixth grade and under. If a current health assessment/sports physical statement is not available at registration, it is to be completed within 30 days of enrollment. Health Assessments/Sports Physicals are valid for one year.

8. How can I volunteer to coach?

Contact the Youth Sports office at DSN 431-2616/2597 or CIV 07031-15-26/2597.  You can also visit the Youth Sports office at Building 3162, 2nd floor in the Panzer Kaserne housing area, or you can obtain an application at Parent Central Services on Patch Barracks in Building 2347. Once the application is complete, return it to either the Youth Sports office or Parent Central Services and wait for correspondence from CYS regarding the next step, having your finger prints taken.

9. When do sports start for each season?

Each quarter, an information packet is distributed to Parent Central Services which lists the starting dates for all upcoming programs. The start dates will range for each season, each age group, and each sport.

10. What is the regular fee for a sports class?

Programs offered by Youth Sports and Fitness range in price from $25-140, depending on the age of the child and the program. The fees are standardized for the Army and set by IMCOM. Developmental sports for youth ages 3 – 4 are $25, and the remainder of the sports and groups are separated by category.  
Category A Sports (soccer, flag football, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, and track & field) are $60. Category B Sports (baseball, softball, and wrestling) are $60.  Category C Sports (tackle football, lacrosse, golf, and tennis) are locally determined and will cost between $65 - $140.  

For more information, refer to the Standard Cost Fee Structure – School Year 2019-2020.

11. What are the registration/sign-up dates for each sports season? i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter.

The registration dates are as follows: Subject to change due to COVID-19 policy guidance.

  • Spring:  Jan. 21 – Feb. 21, 2020
  • Summer Camps & Fitness:  May 11, 2020 - Will close 5 days prior to start date.
  • Summer Sports: May 11, 2020 - Will close 0 days prior to the start date.
  • Fall:  Jun. 1 – Jul. 24, 2020
  • Winter:  Oct. 5 – Nov. 6, 2020

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