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Panzer Speedy Lube

Offering the most efficient oil change in Stuttgart - while you wait!

  • Speedy Lube offers oil changes and fluid top off services. Oil and filters are available on site; however, you may also provide your own. We can also dispose of your oil for you. 
  • Speedy Lube offers tire help! We can help you dispose of your old tires, rotate or balance new tires. Need help repairing your tires? We can patch it up. 
  • Remember October to Easter winter tires are required in Germany. Speedy Lube can help change seasonal tires out. 
  • Do you have a vehicle you want to sell? Contact us and we will help you get set up for the Vehicle Resale Lot. Do you just want to donate your vehicle? We can help you with that too.  


Bid Lot

Purchase your next car by bidding!

Visit or call the Speedy Lube for current used car selections and more information on Bid Lot guidelines.

Oil Change Services


Synthetic Oil Change

$79 + cost of filter $10 per liter

Customer Provides Oil & Filter 

*If customer provides only oil, filter will be charged at separate cost 

Skid Plate Removal


Top off Fluids

Oil Disposal  $2
*Filter prices vary by car
Tire Services
Service Price
Tire change up 17' $20 per tire 

Tire change

  • truck/SUV/vans
  • large & lower profile 18' and large
  • 40 series and below
$30 per tire 
Rotate Tires $30
Dispose of Old Tires $2 per tire
Balance Tires $5 per tire
Tire Repair $30 per tire
Run Flat Tires $40 per tire


Towing Service

Need a tow? We offer competitive towing prices, call for details.

Need a tow now? Call: CIV 09641-70-596-2555 or DSN 596-2555.

Tow Truck operation hours are:

Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Automobile Services Cost
Towing Panzer Kaserne $50
Towing Patch Barracks $80 
Towing Kelley Barracks $90
Towing Robinson Barracks $120
Towing Air Field $100 
Towing Off Base $95 Hook-up + $2/km 
Outside 50km radius from Panzer Kaserne Add $50
POV Disposal $75
Panzer Lemon Lot $30 for 30 days
Vehicle Disposal Service

Are you looking for a way to dispose of your vehicle?

Contact Speedy Lube today to find out more information!

Vehicle Resale Lot

The Vehicle Resale Lot is a safe and secure place to sell your vehicle.  The lot is located next to the Exchange on Panzer Kaserne.

For more information and to see vehicles currently for sale, go to the Vehicle Resale Lot webpage.

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  • Military DSN (314)596-2555
  • Hours:
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