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Panzer Speedy Lube

Offering the most efficient oil change in Stuttgart - while you wait!

  • Speedy Lube offers oil changes and fluid top off services. Oil and filters are available on site; however, you may also provide your own. We can also dispose of your oil for you. 
  • Speedy Lube offers tire help! We can help you dispose of your old tires, rotate or balance new tires. Need help repairing your tires? We can patch it up. 
  • Remember October to Easter winter tires are required in Germany. Speedy Lube can help change seasonal tires out. 
  • Do you have a vehicle you want to sell? Contact us and we will help you get set up for the Vehicle Resale Lot. Do you just want to donate your vehicle? We can help you with that too.  


Auto Auction

Purchase your next car by bidding!

Individuals who are authorized an U.S. Forces ID Card, 18 years of age or older, have a valid U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) certificate of license (driver's license) for operating privately-owned vehicles (POV) and are within AER 190-1 limits for registered privately owned vehicles are eligible to bid and purchase vehicles from the Family and MWR Automotive Skills Center.


  • Vehicles will be displayed on Panzer Kaserne in front of Bldg. 2930 (Panzer Speedy Lube).
  • Customers may inspect the interior and exterior of whole vehicles that are for sale. 
  • Due to liability concerns, prospective customers may not "test drive" vehicles that are for sale.
  • Prospective customers may review any available vehicle documents to determine the service history and last inspection date.

Biding Information:

  • All bids are in US dollars.
  • Minimum bid for vehicles will start at $1,000 and may be higher depending on estimated value of vehicle.
  • All forms must be submitted in person to the Panzer Speedy Lube between
    • Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
    • Saturday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • A customer may bid on as many vehicles as they wish at any one time.
  • A bid cycle is defined as the period of time in which vehicles may be bid upon.
  • The highest bid submitted by an individual will be the one accepted.
  • Lower bids for the same vehicle by the same individual will be void.
  • The Auto Skills Program Manager will contact the highest bidder once the auction is closed.
  • In the event there are two (2) identical high bids, the high bidders will be contacted and asked to place another bid within two (2) business days.

Bid Sheets:

  • Incomplete or illegible bid forms will be discarded. Minimum bid amount is listed with the vehicle's information.
  • All bid sheets must be submitted in person to Panzer Speedy Lube, on Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2930.
  • Important Forms:

Sales Term/Conditions:

  • All sales are final. No Refunds. Family and MWR Automotive Skills Centers accept no liabilities. Vehicles are sold as is. Generally, vehicles require repairs. There is no guarantee all deficiencies have been identified.
  • Vehicles are sold as is and are not guaranteed. Purchasers will be required to sign a Release of Liability upon receipt of the vehicle purchased.
  • The customer must pay for the vehicle within three (3) business days of notification to the Auto Skills who will issue a receipt via RECTRAC and prepare a bill of sale. The customer will then take the receipt, bill of sale, and registration documents to register the vehicle with USAREUR.
  • Customers will be given a maximum of three (3) business days free storage from the time of sale. After three (3) business days, customers will be required to pay storage fees or remove the vehicle from the premises.

MWR Auto Skills Center Reserve the Right:

  • To contact the next highest bidder when payment is not received within three working days after notification.
  • To select the most applicable bid from customers with multiple car and/or bid submissions.
  • To issue 'Receipt, Bill of Sale and US Forces Transfer Title Document' for registration in the USAREUR Registry of Motor Vehicles System (AE Reg 190) upon receipt of payment.
  • Vehicle will remain in custody of MWR Automotive Skills Centers until proof of vehicle registration is provided.

To explore additional details about available vehicles for bidding and the next auto auction, please click here.

Oil Change Services


Synthetic Oil Change

$79 + cost of filter $10 per liter

Customer Provides Oil & Filter 

*If customer provides only oil, filter will be charged at separate cost 

Skid Plate Removal


Top off Fluids

Oil Disposal  $2
*Filter prices vary by car
Tire Services
Service Price
Tire change up 17' $20 per tire 

Tire change

  • truck/SUV/vans
  • large & lower profile 18' and large
  • 40 series and below
$30 per tire 
Rotate Tires $30
Dispose of Old Tires $2 per tire
Balance Tires $5 per tire
Tire Repair $30 per tire
Run Flat Tires $40 per tire


Towing Service

Need a tow? We offer competitive towing prices, call for details.

Need a tow now? Call: CIV 09641-70-596-2555 or DSN 596-2555.

Tow Truck operation hours are:

Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Automobile Services Cost
Towing Panzer Kaserne $50
Towing Patch Barracks $80 
Towing Kelley Barracks $90
Towing Robinson Barracks $120
Towing Air Field $100 
Towing Off Base $95 Hook-up + $2/km 
Outside 50km radius from Panzer Kaserne Add $50
POV Disposal $75
Panzer Lemon Lot $30 for 30 days
Vehicle Disposal/Donation Service

Are you looking for a way to donate/dispose of your vehicle? Panzer Speedy Lube or Kelley Auto Skills can help you, just follow the below instructions. 

Process of Donating Vehicles:

  1. Vehicle must be present at either Panzer Speedy Lube or Kelley Auto Skills.
  2. Vehicle Owner must be present and provide Identification.
  3. Valid USAEUR Vehicle Registration must be provided with NO LIEN.
  4. Vehicle must be cleaned of all personal belongings AND TRASH.
  5. MWR personnel will inspect vehicle to ensure VIN matches with registration.
  6. USAEUR plates will be removed from vehicle and given to customer.
  7. MWR personnel will provide AE Form 190-1Z, Certification of Release/Donation of POV to be filled out by customer.
  8. MWR representative with ensure all information is correct on AE Form 190-1Z, and sign.
  9. MWR representative will take possession of the TRANFER TITLE DOCUMENT part of the USAEUR Registration, and vehicle's keys annotating quantity.
  10. Customer will pay Donation of POV Fee of $75.
  11. Customer will take USAEUR Plates, USAEUR Registration, AE Form 190-1Z, and receipt to vehicle registration office to have the vehicle removed from the USAEUR system.

Still have questions!? Contact Panzer Speedy Lube or Kelley Auto Skills today to find out more information!

Vehicle Resale Lot

The Vehicle Resale Lot is a safe and secure place to sell your vehicle.  The lot is located next to the Exchange on Panzer Kaserne.

For more information and to see vehicles currently for sale, go to the Vehicle Resale Lot webpage.

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