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Panzer Kaserne
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Traveling in Europe is overwhelming! The options are endless! Come in and get great advice from our friendly staff!

Want tickets to a local soccer game or show? Let us connect you to the right services!

Our staff has vast traveling experience! Come learn from us!

Cancellation Policy

       Registration deadline: seven (7) days prior to event.

        Cancellations allowed 48 hours before registration deadline.

       Cancellations after the 48 hours prior to the deadline will not be


       Trips are transferrable up to the registration deadline with both parties


•       Participants are encouraged to purchase their own trip insurance.

Group Travel

Traveling should be fun. Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed with travel options in Europe. Come into our office and leave the planning to us.

Contracted trips may include:
• Air
• Bus
• Ferry transport
• Hotel accommodations
• Area guides
• Special tickets

We offer a wide array of trips every month.

Day Trips

Grab some friends or plan on making some new ones on a day trip.
Leave in the morning, have an exciting day with a planned tour, and then return in the evening with great new memories.

We offer a wide array of trips every month.

Sleep. Eat. Tour. Repeat.

Don't waste a moment. Sleep overnight on the bus, wake up in your tour destination, and enjoy a full day of exploring. After your exciting day relax and sleep as we transport you all the way back home.

Each trip includes round trip transportation and an activity or tour for that location. MWR Tours will help you with your individual reservations and sightseeing requests to fill the rest of your time.

Personalized Group Travel

Planning a ladies trip, gentlemen getaway, or family affair?Let our friendly staff organize a trip for your party of 10 or more.

All budgets are accommodated, whether you are counting euros or the sky is the limit.

Adventure Tours

Quench your thrill-seeking thirst with MWR Tours' Adventure Tours. 

  • Ski world-class mountains
  • Feel the rush of the wind while skydiving
  • Put your agility to the test on an intricate ropes course
  • Explore the depths of the earth with cave spelunking
  • Alpaca-trekking. Need we say more? 
  • SCUBA dive into European waters
  • Soar across the breeze with paragliding
  • Reach new heights with rock climbing 
  • Swing through the trees like Tarzan on a ziplining tour