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Panzer Kaserne
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Group Travel

Traveling should be fun. Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed with travel options in Europe. Come into our office and leave the planning to us.

Contracted trips may include:
• Air
• Bus
• Ferry transport
• Hotel accommodations
• Area guides
• Special tickets

We offer a wide array of trips every month.

Day Trips

Grab some friends or plan on making some new ones on a day trip.
Leave in the morning, have an exciting day with a planned tour, and then return in the evening with great new memories.

We offer a wide array of trips every month.

Personalized Group Travel

Planning a ladies trip, gentlemen getaway, or family affair. Let our friendly staff organize a trip for your party of 10 or more.

All budgets are accommodated, whether you are counting euros or the sky is the limit.

Retail Items

Don't spend money on attractions that don't measure up
Plan ahead and purchase:

• guidebooks
• reading materials

Look good everywhere you go
Travel in style and purchase:

• travel-themed gifts