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Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center

Policies & Procedures during COVID 19

Safety and sanitation rules:

1.  Wash hands before entering building.
2.  Sanitation wipes available at the front counter.
3.  Entrance and Exit signs indicating lines entering and exiting the building.
4.  Social distancing red foot signs within the concourse area.
5.  All groups will be required to leave contact info in case of contamination incident
6.  Face Masks worn at all times (during bowling and within the compounds of the facility)
7.  All bowling balls and rental shoes will be sanitized before use.  
8.  After bowling ends for all bowlers their lanes will be cleaned and area sanitized.  This will include bowling balls used.
9.  All employees will wear masks and gloves.

The following procedures for issue of bowling lanes and payment:  

1.  Hours of operation:  11 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.  (lane rental until 6 p.m.)
2.  Bowling is offered by "Rent - a - lane" only for open play.
    (1) Customer will reserve lanes by calling the bowling center.  One or two hours of rental available.  Maximum rental is two hours.  At that time they will be made aware of our policies, and restrictions. At this time they will be made aware of the fact that they will be asked to provide contact info and should place any food orders upon arrival.
    (2) A maximum of two (2) people per lane.  Exception will be four (4) people if all bowlers are family members.
    (3) Payment for lanes and shoe rental will be taken at the front counter before bowling begins, customers will place food orders at this time or be instructed that they will need to enter the line anew if they do so at a later time.
    (4) Every other lane will be used.  There will be no "league bowling" style.  Alternating lanes will not be available and two break down lanes will be designated in the event equipment goes down.
    (5) Bowlers will be briefed that lanes will be cut off regardless of the frame they are in at the end of their time.  This is due to the 30 minutes required for cleaning and reservation of the next bowling party.  
   (6)  Bowlers would turn in rental shoes and the completion of bowling.  Separate from where shoes were issued.

The following rules will be enforced to prevent Viruses from spreading:

1.  All children must be supervised.  There is no running or playing.  Children must stay with their parents with proper social distancing, failure to do so will result in loss of future privileges. 
2.  Only seating available will be in the concourse area with social distancing restrictions
3. The elimination of the soda fountain.  Cans to be used as a COVID19 measure to eliminate as many paper products as possible.
4.  If anyone exits the premises for any reason, they will be required to follow entry procedures.

Visit the Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center on Panzer Kaserne! The bowling center offers:

  • 24 lanes
  • League play
  • Tournaments
  • Strike Zone Snack Bar
  • Bowling Accessories and Ball Drilling by appointment
  • Irish Pub
  • Slot Machines
  • Cosmic Bowling
  • State-of-the-art scoring and lighting system 
  • Weekly bowling and food specials
  • Free Wi-Fi
Bowling Prices


Due to COVID-19 the regular listed prices per game have changed. 

Price is now hourly: price is $20/hour. 

Discounts and specials do not apply during COVID-19, except USBC valid card holders receive a 50% discount. 


Weekly League Schedule

USBC_Logo.pngWe are a USBC certified Bowling Center. Certificate No. 81

Please contact the Bowling Center for their seasonal league schedule. 

Irish Pub

DSN: 431-2575 

Commercial: +49 (0)7031-15-2575

The Irish Pub offers a full bar drink menu and food from the Strike Zone Snack Bar.

Strike Zone Snack Zone

The Strike Zone offers a wide variety of tasty entrees and combo deals including burgers, fries, cheese steak sandwiches, wraps, chicken fingers, salads, and a full kids menu. Eat in or take out!

Go to the Strike Zone page for the full menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to use the bowling centers?

All US ID card holders and their bonafide guests.

2. Can I rent out the facility for a party or function?

Yes, units or organizations can reserve lanes on a first come, first serve basis.   

3. Do you offer league play and tournaments?

Yes, however, please check with staff to see the current leagues and upcoming tournaments.

4. How do I sign-up for a league?

Normal sign ups during the year are as follows:

Fall Bowling Leagues: August-September

Summer Bowling Leagues: April-May

Sign Up sheets are located at the front counter.

5. Do you have any volunteer options?

We do allow for volunteers to assist with custodial duties or giving out bowling shoes; however, volunteers must register through Army Community Service (ACS). 

6. Do you have a food menu with prices?

Yes. Our Strike Zone Snack Bar has a food menu on site with prices. 

7. Are there any age restrictions to bowl?

Yes, children under the age of 12 years of age must have an adult with them.

8. Do you have any instructional classes available?

Yes, a certified instructor is available on the premises. 

19. Is free Wi-Fi available?


  • Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center
  • Hours:
    Bowling reservations until 8 p.m.
    US Federal Holidays