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Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center

Welcome to the USAG Stuttgart Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center! 



ShaWINGz, the highly anticipated new restaurant, is now open at the Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center, located in Panzer Kaserne. With a menu that promises an explosion of flavors, ShaWINGz aims to satisfy the cravings of wing lovers and Mexican food enthusiasts alike.  The fusion of Mexican cuisine and the tantalizing choice of 40 distinct wing flavors make ShaWINGz a culinary hotspot that is sure to leave taste buds tingling with delight. Get ready to embark on a flavor-filled journey at ShaWINGz, where a mouthwatering adventure awaits! 

Holder of Stars and Stripes Europe's Best On Base Restaurant in Germany title in 2023, ShaWINGz is renowned for its legendary chicken wings with tantalizing sauces, Mexican food options, and top-notch hospitality. Now, these unique flavors and experiences are coming to USAG Stuttgart!

ShaWINGz caters to your convenience! ShaWINGz is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. To save time, ORDER ONLINE HERE

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🎳 Bowling:

  • We have 24 bowling lanes for you to show off your skills and aim for the perfect strike!
  • Need accessories or a custom ball? Our expert ball drilling services are available by appointment and we have a small Pro Shop to equip you with everything you need.
  • Bowling is offered for open play, and we also have league play and exciting tournaments (see front desk for details).

πŸ“ Reservations and Pricing:

  • Want to have the lanes all to yourself? Rent a bowling lane and enjoy hours of unlimited fun with friends and family.
  • Larger groups of 10 or more? Give us a call to reserve your lanes and ensure everyone has a blast.
  • Payment for lanes and shoe rental is made at the front counter before the fun begins.
  • After your game, kindly return your rental shoes and leave the balls on the return machine for proper cleaning.
  • Prices per game are $3 (or $4 per game during Cosmic Bowling). Shoe rentals are $3.25.

🏒 Facilities:

  • Feeling thirsty? Don't worry, we have the amazing Prost on Post bar to quench your thirst and keep the good times rolling. Note: bartender hours may vary.
  • Planning a special event? We have two spacious rooms available for all occasions. Outside food and drink are prohibited, but cakes, cupcakes, and ice cream are welcome with prior coordination. Only $30 per hour*. See a team member for complete details.
  • Feeling lucky? Try your luck on our slot machines and see if fortune favors you. (Note: Slot machines are for 18 and up. Please game responsibly.)

🎳 Bowling Etiquette:

  • Remember, bowling shoes are a must! Keep them tied, dry, and clean. No wearing them outside.
  • Show respect to your fellow bowlers in the next lane, and always ask for assistance if a ball gets stuck.
  • Children under 10 years must stay on their lane and be supervised at all times.
  • Outside food and drinks (except cake and ice cream for parties) are not allowed. 

πŸ† League Play and Tournaments:

  • We offer league play and tournaments. Check with our staff to see the current leagues and upcoming tournaments.

πŸ‘Ά Age Restrictions:

  • Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

🌐 Free Wi-Fi:

  • Stay connected! We provide free Wi-Fi for all our visitors to enjoy.

We are excited to welcome all US ID card holders and their bonafide guests to our USAG Stuttgart Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center. If you have any further inquiries or would like to reserve your spot, please feel free to contact us. Get ready for an unforgettable bowling experience with us!

NEW! Read More About Our Game Modes & Lane Entertainment For You

We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new game versions that are sure to excite and captivate our customers:

🐦 Angry Birds: Angry Birds Bowling is a fast-paced, bird-flinging, pig-smashing, 10-pin bowling game. Join the herd as they seek revenge on the greedy pigs.

🎳 EZ Bowling: Similar to 10-pin bowling, EZ Bowling features 5 frames instead of 10, with only one throw allowed per frame. Score between 0-10 points with each throw. EZ Bowling showcases a youthful design in the style of paperback-style sketches, making it great fun for children! 

🎯 myShot Spare Trainer: Perfect for experienced players looking to hone their technique or for competitive groups aiming to compare spare combinations. The myShot Spare Trainer allows players to choose a combination of individual pins and practice their shots for a self-defined number of rounds. 

πŸ‰ Creature Feature: Creature Feature offers an animation theme for kids of all ages. With 5 frames per game and one toss per frame, players aim to score between 0 and 10 points. The bowler with the highest score after 5 frames emerges as the winner. 

πŸ”₯ KaPOW!: Straight from the comics, Brunswick delivers KaPOW! Designed for open-ended play, this game features a custom backdrop, emotionally-driven design, and larger-than-life graphics that will keep bowlers coming back for more. Prepare for action-packed excitement that will blow your guests away! 

🐎 Horse: Inspired by the basketball game of the same name, Horse brings a unique twist to bowling. Each player must hit a chosen pink constellation. Missing a throw results in earning a letter of the word "Horse." The first player to mark all letters loses the game. 

πŸ˜„ Pin Pals: The lovable and mischievous Pin Pals deliver giggles and grins with their outlandish antics and penchant for mayhem, all in stunning 3D. Prepare for a delightful and entertaining experience! 

πŸ“Έ pinpix: Surprise and delight your guests with pinpix! This game allows guests to take photos or use images from their mobile devices via the Brunswick Cloud or capture images from the lane tablet. Guests can take 10 fun-filled pictures, complete with filters and photo editing tools, while collecting hats, beards, glasses, and other crazy accessories. Get ready for a memorable and interactive experience! 

πŸ† Rival Rumble: Put your team to the test in Rival Rumble! Enter a "Best Frame" competition where everyone has a chance to contribute to the team's overall score. Choose from creative and dynamic mascots like the UnbeataBulls, Lil' Dragons, Killer Bees, and more! At the end of the competition, each player receives individual awards for their contribution. It's the ultimate team game! 

Come and experience the excitement of these new game versions at the USAG Stuttgart Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center. Join us for unforgettable moments and friendly competition!

  • ShaWINGZ inside the Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center
  • Military DSN (314) 431-2849
  • Hours:

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Army Vs. Navy Football Game Viewing Party!

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