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COVID-19 Update! Due to COVID-19, the Swabian Bar is closed until further notice. Reservations for certain events can still be made for the Swabian Special Events Center.

Swabian Special Events Center

Policies & Procedures during COVID 19


Office hours for reservations are Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. & 2 - 4 p.m.  Saturdays and Sundays we will be closed.

All reservations will take place over the phone or via email.  No face-to-face reservations at this time.  If a walkthrough is required to see one of our bars, then the walkthrough will be conducted with one staffmember and only one customer.  Both parties must wear a mask during the walkthrough.

Guests must clean hands using handwashing/sanitation station before entrance.  Must wear mask at all times. Community Club staff will be required to wear masks as well.

One conference in each facility at a time to avoid congregation in hallways.  No multiple room rentals in one facility.

Per safety guidance, all room occupancies  will be decreased by 50% to allow for social distancing.  Community Club staff will designate rooms based on event size, and will decline any event that exceeds the new COVID 19 room capacity, which is:

  • Kelley Club
    • Conference Room: Classroom seating 20 people
    • Conference Room: Theater Style seating 30 people
    • Kelley Club Bar: Max 20 people
  • Patch Community Club
    • Full Ballroom: Classroom seating 48 people
    • Full Ballroom: Theater style seating 70 people
    • Backlot Bar: Max 30 people 
  • Swabian Special Event Center
    • Crystal room: Classroom seating 30 people
    • Crystal room: Theater style seating 40 people
    • Swabian Bar: Max 60 people 
      • NOTE: Bradley, Abrams and Sherman rooms no longer available to rent separately.  These rooms are now used to support the bar operation.  However, customers do have the option to rent all 3 rooms together, but the setup will remain the way it is because that setup has been approved by the safety inspector.
      • NOTE: There will be no U-shape setups at this time.  U-shape setups reduce the capacity of the room.

Seating arrangements will adhere to social distancing guidelines:
Theatre style seating - all chairs will be 6ft apart classroom style and U-shape seating - only 2 person per table at PCC, but 1 per table at SSEC.  (The tables at PCC hold four people and the ones at SSEC hold three).  Customers will not be allowed to adjust or move seating arrangements in any manner.

All payment regarding room rentals will be paid for via debit/credit cards.

The refreshments station will have  single-use cups and stirrers instead of porcelain glassware and silver spoons to prevent multiple people from touching the same glass. 

Sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer will be available for customer usage inside meeting space.

Swabian Special Events Center - Bar

Policies & Procedures during COVID-19

All food programs are permanently closed.  

Food for bar events must be ordered through the MWR caterers.

All bar reservations will take place over the phone or via email.  No face-to-face reservations at this time.  If a walkthrough to see one of our bars is required, then the walkthrough will be conducted with one person from my staff and only one person from the customer's team.  Both parties must wear a mask during the walkthrough.

Customers must wear a mask when entering the bar and when placing an order with the bartender.

Guests will be advised that they must keep 6ft from other guests upon entering the bar.

All customers must stay at a table unless ordering snacks or drinks at the bar; only 1 person per table may order at a time.

All guests must sign in with their name, organization and phone number to ensure that they can be contacted in the event of a COVID19 outbreak.

Additional wipes will be provided if so desired to wipe down tables or play pool for comfort. 

Occupancy  will be limited to  50% with no seating available at the bar counter.  Current capacity for the bar is 60. 

Hand sanitation dispensers will be located at the entrance to the bar, which we strongly encourage all customers to use before coming into the bar. 

Surfaces such as tables and chairs will be cleaned after each guest leaves, and frequently touched furniture, such as foosball tables, and credit card machine will all be cleaned regularly by my staff.

Only debit/ credit cards accepted. 

We will provide only single-use cups (plastic), and all beers will be self-poured by the customer to prevent multiple people from touching the same cup.

Garnishes will no longer be pre-cut.  The bartenders will wash and sanitize hands, put on gloves and then cut  the garnish in front of the customer.

Our employees will be required to wear a mask as well during their shifts. Only 1 bartender will work the bar at a time. No requests for multiple bartenders will be allowed at this time.

Available for rental with full catering services, the Swabian Special Events Center offers several room sizes, making it the perfect place to host events of any size. 

**All reservations for events and catering must be coordinated through the Patch Community Club (Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 2 - 4 p.m.) DSN 430-5433 or CIV 0711-680-5433.

Conference Pricing

For pricing on room rentals, equipment, and service packages, please see our pricing document.

Catering Options

For your special events requiring food services we have approved caterers
available to serve your specific needs at competitive prices. Please contact
us for placing all orders and we can contract their services for you.
Catering services are required for all food served in the facility. Outside
food and drink are not permitted as per AR-215-1 Regulations.

Catering Menu's
Pegas Buffet Menu
Pegas Finger Food Menu
Luna Buffet Menu
Luna Finger Food Menu

Armstrong's Buffet Menu


  • Swabian Special Events Center
  • Reservations for event spaces will be accepted during office hours from 9 a.m.- 1 p.m. & 2 - 4 p.m. for the Patch Community Club, Swabian Special Events Center, and Kelley Club. All reservations will be taken via phone or email, no walk-ins at this time.
  • Military DSN (314)-430-5433

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