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German/American Hunting Course

While in Germany, do a little hunting and sports shooting with Outdoor Recreation.

This hunting course consist of class lectures, range nights, hunting area clean-up days, and individual shooting requirements.

  • Class lectures are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday night
  • Range nights are scheduled on Wednesdays
  • Training area/hunting clean-up days will be announced during the class

Range nights are useful for practice shooting on various targets: running boar, running rabbits, and 100 meter standing Reh targets. Each of these shooting competencies will be part of your final test. Each night that we host range there will be 10 - 15 range fee plus any ammunition required (purchase through ODR or at the range). Shotgun shells run $8 - $12 per box and .223 rounds are $12 - $15 per box. Prices are subject to change depending upon the current exchange rate. Range nights are usually about 8 - 10 times per class. 

We strongly suggest bringing your own hearing protection as our supply is limited.

To be eligible to test, you are required to participate in 2 of the 3 range nights, 5 of the 8 running range nights, and you cannot miss more than 4 nights of lectures. The number of scheduled range nights may vary depending on host nation ranges and scheduling times.

You will also be required to shoot a 150 clay targets (no more than 45/day) and document on  your green shooting card. This card will be given to you the first night of class.


Course cost:

$220 per person (covers course, use of classroom space, use of club weapon and proctor fees)


Hunting Fishing Sport Shooting (HFSS) membership fees:

1 year membership is $15
3 year membership is $30
5 year membership is $45
Lifetime membership is $99

Registration Information

To register for the course, contact Outdoor Recreation on Panzer Kaserne, building 2953.

Sign-up as soon as possible. We are only allowed to have sixteen (16) participants per class. Spots fill up fast. If we are between classes, sign-up on the "interest list", so that we can notify you for the next available class.

Cancellation is possible if we are notified before the third class,however if we are not notified before the third class no refund is possible.

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